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The monitor of guard department in Long March avoid a major accident with serious and responsible working attitude

Views:936   Date:2018-08-30

    On August 29th.2018 18:30 p.m., the monitor of guard department found the container driver Gu Ming of Dalian gongji logistics co., ltd is not in good spirits and speech, when he confirmed the tyre transportation vehicle. Wei Guangjie discouraged him to take a rest before leaving factory repeatedly, but the driver thought he is ok and just have a rest on the road and insisted on leaving. Wei Guangjie considered it is so serious and inform the production department. The production department contactd with Dalian gongji company and stopped the driver leaving factory. After the drive had a rest for a while, he felt extremely uncomfortable, so he is rushed to the Chaoyang Center Hospital for medical treatment. Finally he is diagnosed stroke.   

        After event, company gave Wei Guangjie highly praise and reward for his responsible working attitude and timely founding and solving the matter. It is because his serious and responsible working attitude, make sure the driver had timely medical treatment and also prevent so serious safety accident.

   Mr. Wei Guangjie, as monitor of guard department in company, is always working with his all duties, adhering to the spirit of enterprise. In the company, there are many employees like Wei Guangjie who is strict with themselves, working seriously and responsible, these people are the backbone of company.