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The Trade Union Chairman Mr.Jin Yongsheng visited poor households in anti-poverty village during Mid-Autumn Festival.

Views:1010   Date:2018-09-21

    On 21st Sep 2018, before mid-autumn festival, the trade union chairman Mr.Jin Yongsheng visit the poor households in the anti-poverty villages on behalf of company, and sent them blessing of mid-autumn festival and the gifts. Earlier in this year, our company helped to repair the house for the poor household Liu Wen, built a pigsty and bought piglet. Now the garden is swept so clean, and the pig is growing well. The trade union chairman Mr.Jin is very gratified.

    Our company offer jobs to anti-poverty village, village committee organized low income family for the job to earn money for the family. When trade union chairman Mr.Jin is visiting Yu Xueguo, the couple Yu Xueguo is picking the rubber. “You can work and earn money all by yourselves, and not accept the help from others, I felt very gratified.” said Mr. Jin.

    The old couple Zhang Hongwen are patients with cerebral infarction; they are moved deeply by our visiting and said:” The Company learners are always remember us, thank you very much.” 

       The low income family called Zhang Henglong is suffering from lung cancer, who is grateful to the company’s leaders, he said: “thanks for your love, we are very lucky to have your help, I wish the company is better and better.”

    Since our company started to help the poor village, the company leaders always visit the poor families with gifts and blessing during the festivals. In order to help them out of poverty earlier, the company takes variety of ways. We will give support and help to the poor families without labor ability, and provide suitable working opportunities, improve their own living ability.